Gilson Damasco

Presenting: Gilson Damasco

Presenting: Gilson Damasco

This November we will have very, very, very special guests in Finland: Gilson Damasco and Maria Cristiani! It's a rare chance we get to host the legends of Lambazouk, and safe to say.. we are excited! Known for his clear explanations and warm attitude, Gilson has been one the most sought after zouk teacher ever since Brazilian zouk arrived to Europe. Maria’s stunning technique has won her many prizes in international competitions. They are finally together in Helsinki on November 11-13, sharing all their knowledge - and their big big smiles!

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To those who know a bit about Brazilian zouk, Gilson Damasco is no stranger. Traveling around the world all year round, he is one of the most popular and sought after dance teachers in the Zouk scene. Working internationally ever since the Brazilian zouk started to spread from Brazil, Gilson has been instrumental in helping to build Zouk communities around the world and he is 'til today working tirelessly to make the dance known.

Gilson is well known for his utterly warm & welcoming attitude and his big big smile. He shares his positive spirit in his classes, giving clear explanations of dance technique and how to best lead a partner. Undeniably, he is known as one of the best Lambazouk teachers of the world!