Lambazouk summer workshops!

Did you notice that we just published two Lambazouk workshops for this July? On 11 July & 13 July we’ll be working on two very essential themes that will enhance your timing, frame & body control, connection with your partner, flow and bring more ‘lambazouk’ flavor to your dance skillset.

We wanted to make this a special event with only limited number of students (max 6 leaders + 6 followers) to maximize your learning. So secure your spot and pre-register asap by email to or click here to contact us.

11.7.2017 17:30-19:00 - BONECA
Boneca is one of the most characteristic Lambazouk movements and incorporates the famous flowing head & upper body movement that is essential in mastering Brazilian zouk. There are several different versions of boneca.

13.7.2017 17:30-19:00 - WIFI
Dancing WiFi means leading & following without physical contact, by visual connection and ques. WiFi has various uses in Lambazouk and we’ll focus on the most fundamental techniques, developing also your solo dance skills and different types of connection between dance partners.

20€ for one workshop or 30€ for two workshops.

These workshops are suitable to those with some experience in Lambazouk / Brazilian zouk - contact us if you have questions! If you don’t have any dance / Lambazouk / Brazilian zouk experience, we’re very excited to see you at one of our many upcoming beginner classes - follow our events (prelim. schedule: 28 Jun, 19 Jul, 9 Aug)!