Presenting: Anna Claudia Leite (and special news for ladies!)

This June we have a special treat arriving to Finland all the way from Brazil! Ricardo Ferrari and Anna Claudia Leite from Movimento Lambazouk will be in Helsinki teaching us Lambazouk on 17-18 June 2017

And now we also have great news to the ladies joining the Lambazouk weekend:
We've added one extra class of ladies' styling in the weekend program, on Sunday 12:30-13:30! And guys, you're welcome to join too!! Anna Claudia will teach you how to hold your body with balance, style and elegance in various movements and how to spice up your dance at the right moments. Normal price of the ladies' styling class is 15€, discount price 10€ for those attending the whole workshop weekend!

Workshop weekend schedule

SAT 17 JUNE 2017
14:00-17:00 Workshops Ricardo & Anna Claudia
22:00~05:00 Zouk party with IDNZ: Dance Heaven Bright nights

SUN 18 JUNE 2017
12:30-13:30 Ladies' styling with Anna Claudia
14:00-17:00 Workshops Ricardo & Anna Claudia

We reserve the right for any changes, latest info will be announced at the Facebook event.

Don't forget our combo offer:
Lambazouk classes on 16 May - 13 June AND Lambazouk weekend workshop pass with Ricardo & Anna Claudia on 17-18 June for only 105€! Offer is valid until May 16th. More info here >>
Note that the Ladies' styling class not included in the combo offer.

Presenting: Anna Claudia Leite

Anna has been dancing in the Movimento Lambazouk since 2010 and is Ricardo's teaching partner. She is very detailed and patient teacher, always willing to give you useful tips to improve your dance. She is very friendly and you will always see a beautiful wide smile on her face. Anna also gained 2nd place in the professional category of Berg's Zouk-Lambada championship 2015, one of the toughest Lambazouk competition's in the world!

A bit of Anna Claudia Leite's dance resume

  • Teacher at various international events, including;
    • Berg's Congress in Porto Seguro 2015, 2017
    • Brazouka Beach Festival in Porto Seguro 2016
    • Like Festival in Buenos Aires 2015, 2016
  • 2nd place in the professional category of Berg´s Zouk-Lambada championship 2015


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