FAQ: What is Lambazouk music?

One of the most popular questions we get are "What is lambazouk music?" and "Can I dance lambazouk to xxxx song / xxxx type of music"?

If you're looking for lambazouk music, there are lots of good playlists out there! We also have a few of them on our Youtube channel. I tend to use this list below (and by the way, most of these songs & artists you can also find on Spotify, except for some of the remixed tracks):

The list is quite long so here are some tips for you!

Slower tracks for training

For your training, some of the slower tracks:
Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Dj Lindo remix)
Léo - Esse Teu Dançar
Denis Graça - Beautiful
Olivia - Where Do I Go From Here (M&N Pro remix)

Typical lambazouk music

Some of the most famous lambazouk tracks (fast tracks):
Arash - Pure love
Anselmo Ralph - Não Me Toca
Gil Semedo - Brasil Africa (Lambazouk)
Nsoki - Meu anjo
Yola Semedo - I wanna be

Lambazouk on the radio

Lambazouk music is not limited to the portuguese language (e.g. Brazilian or Angolan) music. You can find "lambazoukable" music in various music genres!

A lot of popular chart music works just fine! Just to name a few, I like to dance lambazouk to these tracks:
Sia - Cheap Thrills
Jason Derulo ft. J.Lo & Matoma - Try Me
Enrique Iglesias - Bailando
Era Istrefi - Bonbon
Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias - El Perdón
Justin Bieber - Sorry

So what I usually say when people ask Can I dance lambazouk to xxxx song / xxxx type of music?: Yes. You can of course dance lambazouk to any song or any type of music that makes you feel like dancing lambazouk! Don't worry about the labels. To make it easier to dance, it helps if the song has a clear beat on '1', or you can feel the 123 567 on the song or (obviously) it has a lambazouk rhythm ("tshick-tshick-tum" / quick-quick-slow). But if not, don't worry! It's up to you and your dance partner to connect & enjoy the music together - whatever music pulls you to the dance floor is good for dancing!

 If you're interested to know a bit more about lambazouk music, feel free to read what I've written about this on our site: 

- Noora