Presenting: Papagaio a.k.a. Gabriel Torres

Our guest stars for February 2016: Olaya & Papagaio are arriving to Finland for the first time!

Presenting: Gabriel - Papagaio - Torres!

Gabriel is the reason why so many people are on their feet at congress parties; he always dances all night with everybody and his positive energy is contagious.. and not to forget his gentle & clear leading which makes the ladies smile ear-to-ear :) Most well known by his Capoeira name Papagaio, his classes are always full information and great music - he's also one the best Lambazouk Djs around! Papagaio is excited to come to Finland for his first time and to dance with all of us!

Gabriel Torres, was born in Recife and spent his childhood in Fortaleza, Brazil. In Spain he trained as a Physical Education Monitor and later as a qualified Physiotherapist. Apart from being well known as a “Capoeirista”, he is a DJ and teacher of Lambazouk in Barcelona. He pioneered the promotion of lambazouk music and classes in Barcelona, and in 2005 began giving classes together with Olaya. Gabriel is a very creative dancer, he loves to dance moving in space and all his energy goes into the dance floor.

Olaya & Papagaio

Olaya & Papagaio have given lambazouk workshops and shows at congresses all around the world and are part of the organising team for DansaBrasil congress in Barcelona. They also work on several projects and have classes all year long at DancEmotion School in Barcelona.