Presenting: Maria Cristiani

This November we will have very, very, very special guests in Finland: Gilson Damasco and Maria Cristiani! It's a rare chance we get to host the legends of Lambazouk, and safe to say.. we are excited! Known for his clear explanations and warm attitude, Gilson has been one the most sought after zouk teacher ever since Brazilian zouk arrived to Europe. Maria’s stunning technique has won her many prizes in international competitions. They are finally together in Helsinki on November 11-13, sharing all their knowledge - and their big big smiles!

Helsinki Lambazouk Weekend with Gilson & Maria!
November 11-13, 2016

Two days of workshops & party with the best of Lambazouk!


Maria Cristiani starting dancing Lambazouk 13 years ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Maria is know for her razor sharp dance technique, excelling in balance, coordination and elegant styling. Dazzling on stage and on the dance floor, she is hard to miss with her radiant smile!

Maria has taken part in several international Lambazouk congresses around the world since 2009, teaching workshops and performing shows. She has also successfully competed in international Zouk & Lambazouk championships, winning e.g. the Professional category of the Zouk-Lambada Championship at 2015 Berg’s Congress in Porto Seguro, Brazil.

Photos by: AM Photo, ZL Photo, Moscow Zouk Congress

Photos by: AM Photo, ZL Photo, Moscow Zouk Congress