Lambazouk with Soile & Noora - photos!

Thank you everybody for joining our season start with Soile & Noora last Saturday! We had a great beginner workshop with lots of new lambazoukers joining in. Our new students did very well with our improver students also in the second workshop, where we tackled the challenges of spinning! 

Here are some images from the training, compliments for the photos goes to Leila Oksa!

Don't miss our next workshop with Soile Vedenpää & Noora Staf on Feb 6th! Register via the link, ASAP!

We will again first have a workshop on lambazouk basics - this is open for all levels of dancers. And in part 2 we will work on understanding the connection in Lambazouk, how to smoothly transfer between various types of connection, also getting to know the 'Wi-Fi' (visual) connection!