<3 from our students

We love our students - and they love us right back! We wanted to share you this lovely card that our dear students gave our teacher Noora at the last class of the season:

Dear Noora,
A huge thank you for an epic first season of Lambazouk classes in Finland. The bunny refers to how we feel after the classes. Lambazouk clearly makes one happy and you've made us Lambazouk - thank you! <3

Lots of love,
Sören, Pauliina, Tiia, Petteri, Leila, Marko, John, Teppo, Minna, Eeva, Ari, Veli-Matti, Piia, Heli, Jonas (..and everyone else)


I really can't thank you enough. This autumn season with all of you has given me so much; to be surrounded by all your smiles, your warmth, your love and your good energy. I'm so very proud & grateful for getting to dance with of all of you. It has made me so happy to see you learn, grow, pay attention, be curious, take care of each other, laugh and have fun.

Let the warm Lambazouk vibes spread even more in the coming months and years!

- Noora