Rewards for active students!

I've been thinking for a long time how to reward my students for really making this explosion of lambazouk possible. There's a nice mix of people in our group - some that are completely new to lambazouk or zouk altogether, some who've already had a bit of experience and some even more. I really like how we work together and how everyone makes an effort. You make these classes possible!!

I realise all of you have a choice in how to spend your free time so I really appreciate that you've chosen our group. There are many that attend the lessons very regularly and I would especially like to recognise them for all their work and dedication to lambazouk! What I could offer is a free private class for one follower and one leader that have attended the most classes by the end of the season (in December). How would you like that?

See you soon and a great rest of the week to all! A big hug!

- Noora