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Lambazouk Weekend with Gilson & Maria - Nov 2016

Welcome to this autumn's special Lambazouk Weekend in Helsinki!

Gilson & Maria
11-13 November 2016

We are excited to bring the top teachers of Lambazouk in the world - Gilson Damasco & Maria Cristiani - to Finland! Known for his clear explanations and warm attitude, Gilson has been one the most sought after zouk teacher ever since Brazilian zouk arrived to Europe. Maria’s stunning technique has won her many prizes in international competitions.

Get ready to spice up your November with an exciting weekend full of smiles & Lambazouk!

Sat 12 Nov 2016   14:00-17:00
Sun 13 Nov 2016   14:00-17:00

Easyfit (Kalasatama), Sörnäisten Rantatie 33D, Helsinki.

See the pass prices below! Weekend pass includes 6 hours of workshops + Friday party. One-day (Sat/Sun) pass includes 3 hours of workshops. The Couple Weekend pass is for leader+follower couples.

WORKSHOP LEVEL: Open (Beginner+)
The workshops are open to beginners - experience with Lambazouk is not necessary but basic skills in other Brazilian zouk styles or Salsa on1 helpful / recommended if you're new to Lambazouk. We will start with the Lambazouk foundations on Saturday. Note that these will be intensive workshops so we will move at a faster pace than at weekly/progressive classes. 

PARTY: Fri 11 Nov 2016   21:30-01:30
@ Hautomo Edbh, Merimiehenkatu 29, Helsinki (entrance at the courtyard). Free entry for those with the Weekend pass! Normal price: 8€. Bring your drinks and dance shoes, and just enjoy the evening dancing to your favorite music. Click here to Facebook event!

QUESTIONS: We'll be happy to help you, please contact us!

PRIVATE CLASSES: Gilson&Maria will be also available for private classes. There are only a few limited spots; contact us!


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Gilson Damasco (Brazil / The Netherlands)

Gilson Damasco was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He started dancing Lambada-style 22 years ago, when the dance was at its heights, following the era of Lambada. Since that moment Gilson fell in love with this dance and spent years of love and dedication to Lambazouk.

In 1991 he brought Lambazouk to Argentina and transformed it into one of the dances that was most desired by Argentineans. Along with appearing on TV-programs and performing as a dancer with famous artists, in 1992 he started with his dance partner Fabiola Prestes a successful Brazilian nightclub called Porto Seguro. There they started to teach various Brazilian dance styles like Lambazouk, Forró, Samba de Gafieira and Axé. He also organized Brazilian parties in the famous Buenos Aires club “Maluco Beleza” for 8 years.

In 2004, Gilson was invited to Europe for the first Lambazouk dance congress in Barcelona organized by Daniel and Leticia. There he met a lot of dance teachers from Europe, including Claudia de Vries who in 2006 invited him for her second BrasaZouk Congress. From then on Gilson started to travel around the world to expand the Lambazouk dance. As part of his project to establish Lambazouk to Europe, Gilson has been teaching lambazouk based in The Netherlands.

Gilson is well known by his clear explanations of dance technique and how to best lead a partner. And undeniably, he is known as one of the best Lambazouk teachers of the world!


Maria Cristiani (Argentina)

Maria Cristiani starting dancing Lambazouk 13 years ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Maria has been taking part of several international Lambazouk congresses around the world since 2009, teaching workshops and performing shows. She has also successfully taken part in international Zouk & Lambazouk championships, winning e.g. the Professional category of the Zouk-Lambada Championship at 2015 Berg’s Congress in Porto Seguro, Brazil.